Acción por la Libertad alerts violations of human rights against Antonio Ledezma and Leopoldo López

It also demands the release of the 498 political prisoners currently in Venezuela

Acción por la Libertad denounce that the revocation of measures of house arrest that had been granted to the Metropolitan Mayor Antonio Ledezma and the leader of Voluntad Popular Leopoldo López, are outside of legality and rule of law, so the right to life , the personal integrity and personal freedom of these opposition leaders are in grave danger.

From the moment the arbitrary arrests of Antonio Ledezma, arrested on 02/19/15 and of Leopoldo López detained on 02/18/14, both political prisoners, they have been subjected to serious human rights violations where their lives have been at risk.

The actions carried out in the early hours of August 1, 2017 are the expression of repression, persecution and violations of human rights that the Maduro dictatorship executes to generate terror among the population and silence dissident voices in order to stop the struggle for recovery of freedom in Venezuela.

That is why Acción por la Libertad demands the immediate release of Metropolitan Mayor Antonio Ledezma, opposition leader Leopoldo López and more than 498 political prisoners who are arbitrarily detained.

Likewise, we alert the international community and all human rights organizations to continue reporting to the relevant authorities the violations of human rights against those who fight peacefully for freedom and the restoration of democratic order in Venezuela.

Acción por la Libertad is a citizen initiative that promotes socio-cultural and educational activities human rights, especially the right to freedom of expression, freedom of opinion and personal freedom in order to contribute to the strengthening of a democratic society in Venezuela.

Caracas, August 1, 2017.