Acción por la Libertad rejects human rights violations in El Helicoide

Acción por la Libertad strongly rejects and condemns the isolation, violent acts, torture and mistreatment of political prisoners, especially the irregular events that took place on May 16, 2018, where the political prisoner Gregory Sanabria was subjected to torture and assault, leaving him heavily beaten.

Likewise, Acción por la Libertad expresses its concern about the situation of isolation found in the fifty-nine political prisoners held in the Sebin Helicoide, including women and four minors, and the refusal of access to their lawyers and relatives to verify their health condition. This situation is further aggravated, due to the decision of political prisoners, in the exercise of their right to peaceful protest, of begin a peaceful decision within the jail to demand the release of all political prisoners.

The aforementioned is a clear demonstration of the situation of vulnerability found by all political prisoners in Venezuela and the violation of articles 7, 9, 10, 14 and 19 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Venezuela is a State of the American Convention on Human Rights and the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, for which it is obliged to comply with the rights and guarantees enshrined in those international treaties. The violation of the right to personal integrity, due process, right to protest and freedom of expression entails international responsibility of the Venezuelan State.

Finally, we alert the international community and all human rights organizations of this irregular situation so that they continue to denounce before the relevant authorities the violations of human rights against those who fight peacefully for freedom and the restoration of democratic order in Venezuela.

Acción por la Libertad is a citizen initiative that promotes human rights through socio-cultural and educational activities, especially the right to freedom of expression, freedom of opinion and personal freedom in order to contribute to the strengthening of a democratic society in Venezuela.

Grant full freedom to all political prisoners.
Allow the presence of the International Red Cross to verify the state of health of the political prisoners in the Sebin Helicoide headquarters.
Allow the presence of representatives of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference at the Sebin Helicoide headquarters.
Determine who were responsible for the aggressions that political prisoner Gregory Sanabria was subjected to.

On the 17th day of the month of May 2018.