Political Prisioners

Ángel Betancourt

Name: Ángel Betancourt
Arbitrarily detained: April 12, 2014
Place of confinement: House arrest
Occupation: Leader of the organization Juventud Activa Venezuela Unida (JAVU).

Ángel was arbitrarily detained by the Venezuelan Intelligence Services (Sebin) at the airport in Barcelona, Anzoátegui state, on April 12, 2014, while he was touring the country. In 2010, he had been arrested in the state of Carabobo for exercising his right to demonstrate and he received a precautionary measure. Since his arrest in 2014, he is under house arrest.

Until this date, the hearing to open the judgment has not been held. It has been deferred several times, which represents a deliberate procedural delay that violates their fundamental rights. 
Angel, like all political prisoners, is innocent. If you want to support Angel, use the hashtag #AngelEsInocente #LiberenATODOSPososPolíticos

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