Art behind bars: Acción por la Libertad promotes artistic practices in political prisoners

The organization Acción por la Libertad held a conversation last Saturday with relatives of political prisoners to promote art through different expressions.

In the framework of the activities carried out by the Freedom Project, the organization Acción por la Libertad made a conversation with relatives of political prisoners on Saturday, August 11, called “the power of art behind bars”, where they received tools and materials so that they were sent this tools to their relatives.

“The objective of this program is to promote artistic practices in political prisoners, that the time they are behind bars can be used in a productive way, expressing themselves through art and creativity,” said Maria Isabel Leon, activist of Acción por la Libertad.

Lisbeth Añez, better known as Mama Lis, former political prisoner, also participated in the conversation. She taught the attending family how through art she could cope with the months she was imprisoned with strength. Añez painted mandalas and drawings, said that doing this she found peace and strength to continue fighting. During the discussion, she gave techniques to perform mandalas and talked about the ability of the art to make prisoners feel productive while they are behind bars.

The organization Acción por la Libertad sent political prisoners, through their families, materials for writing and drawing. For their part, the relatives urge the authorities in the prisons to not prevent the delivery of the materials, since on repeated occasions they have been unable to deliver other materials that they have tried to send them.

This activity is related to “Cuadernos Urgentes”, the compilation of works made by political prisoners during their time in prison and that Action for Freedom expressed in a book, which will soon be available for purchase. Some of the works carried out by political prisoners are on display until this Friday, August 17 at the Henrique Faria gallery in New York.