Boris Quiñones

Name: Boris Quiñones
Arbitrarily detained: July 2, 2017
Released: June 14, 2018
Place of confinement: Tocuyito
Occupation: Doctor and student

Boris is one of the 27 people who were ambushed inside the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL) in July of 2017, in the context of the protests. Aragua police officers violated university autonomy and detained several of those who demonstrated inside the university, presenting them the next day before military courts, despite their civil status.

Quiñones was charged for the crimes of possession of flammable material, rebellion and instigation to commit a crime. After his arrest, he spent two months in El Dorado prison, more than 1000 km from his family. Although the court ordered him to be released on precautionary measures on September 28, 2017, a judge again ordered his custody and sent him to the Tocuyito prison in Carabobo state.

During his presentation hearing, Boris and the rest of the apprehended youth reported being ambushed at the UPEL facilities by individuals who identified themselves as members of the criminal gang “El Tren de Aragua”, who beat them with metal pipes, insulted them and sexually abused women.

In March 2018, Boris attempted suicide twice in a week. “This Tuesday, March 6, was found by the custodians with virtually no vital signs, after he tried to hang himself with a sheet. We are worried that after the first attempt he has remained without medical surveillance”, said his defense lawyer, Carlos Penella. Before, he had tried to kill himself by ingesting chlorine.

The family of Quiñones, a health professional of 42 years, reported that since November 2017 he had been presenting with numbness of the lips and hypertensive crisis.

On June 14, 2018, the release of Boris was announced through Foro Penal. The court granted the measure under the condition of undergoing an extensive medical and psychological evaluation.

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