Carola Hernández

Name: Carola Hernández
Arbitrarily detained: January 24, 2018
Place of confinement: Ramo Verde
Occupation: Graphic designer

Carola Hernández has been arbitrarily detained since January 24, 2018. Her arrest occurred when SEBIN officials dressed in black intercepted her leaving her office on Caracas, in broad daylight. They transferred her to the facilities of the Directorate General of Military Intelligence (DGIM). She was presented to a military judge, violating her right to be tried by a natural judge.

She was held incommunicado for two days before being allowed to call her parents to inform them that she was detained. Before the call, his family believed that his case was a common kidnapping.

After six weeks of that arbitrary detention, a military court ordered Carola to be deprived of liberty and accused her of treason, military rebellion and theft of artifacts belonging to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb), and did the same with others. two civilians – taxi driver Juan Carlos Urdaneta and mechanic Joaldy Javier Deyon – and eight uniformed officers – Lieutenant Carlos Arias and seven first lieutenants: Eduardo Amaya, Jhoander Ceiba, Alberto Maita, Simón Torres, Anderson Pérez, Gustavo Sandoval and Robert Escalona – Of all the group, Carola had been the last one arrested. She doesn’t know any of the others arrested.

Although up to now there is no evidence to link Carola with Óscar Pérez, she remains behind bars in the National Military Processing Center of Ramo Verde. His lawyer, Lilia Camejo, indicated that she was associated with the theft of weapons that the pilot carried out in a military command.

Carola, like all political prisoners, is innocent.

If you want to support Carola, use the hashtag #MaríaElenaEsInocente #LiberenATODOSPososPolíticos

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