Political Prisioners

Erasmo Bolívar

Name: Erasmo Bolívar
Arbitrarily detained: April 19, 2003
Place of confinement: Ramo Verde
Occupation: Metropolitan Police Agent

Erasmo was arbitrarily detained on April 19, 2003 for the events that occurred in Puente Llaguno on April 11, 2002. By that time, he was acting as an Agent of the Metropolitan Police. Like Erasmo, eight officials of the Metropolitan Police of Caracas and the Secretary of Security of the Metropolitan City Hall of Caracas, Iván Simonovis, were also arrested.

The trial began on February 20, 2006 and on April 3, 2009, the 4th Judge of the State of Aragua, Maryori Calderón, sentenced Erasmo Bolívar to 30 years in prison for the crimes of intentional homicide and serious and mild injuries in mutual complicity, despite the fact that the experts, evidence and witnesses demonstrated the innocence of all the officials who were being prosecuted in that same case.

Bolívar suffered a retinal detachment in 2011 and since that date he has asked to be transferred to a specialist doctor to perform the proper checkup, but this request has been denied. In a basketball tournament he suffered a knee injury and the resonance indicated that he has contusion in one of the ligaments and edema under the kneecap. To date, the court doesn’t approve the necessary surgical intervention.

In a letter published on the news website lapatilla.com, entitled My Relatives Are Also Victims of April 11, Erasmo wrote: “We are innocent, the same oral and public trial proved it”.

His lawyers have requested an alternative measure of liberty and it has been denied.

Erasmus, like all political prisoners, is innocent.

If you want to support Erasmus, use the hashtag #ErasmoEsInocente #LiberenATODOSPososPolíticos

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