Political Prisioners

Feidy Montero

Name: Feidy Montero

Arbitrarily detained: January 19, 2017

Place of confinement: Prison July 26

Occupation: Sergeant 1st of the Army

Feidy Montero is one of seven sergeants accused of participating in the “nameless coup”. According to the arguments handled by the military prosecutor’s office, the uniformed personnel planned in December 2016, an assault to the sniper company, with the purpose of appropriating rifles and ammunition.

The intention, according to the military prosecutor’s office, was an operation to overthrow the government and provide protection to General Baduel. The indictment of the court in the Feidy case and the rest of the sergeants is similar to the narrative used to keep in jail the military involved in the alleged “Blue Strike”.

On May 7, 2017, Feidy and other military officials were arbitrarily transferred from Ramo Verde by officials of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate (Dgcim), without notifying their lawyers and relatives of the measure. Actually, he’s in the 26 de Julio prison.

Like many political prisoners, Montero is a victim of the anti-coup operations of the Nicolás Maduro government, which has left civilians and soldiers unjustly behind bars.

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