Geralexys Vargas

Name: Geralexys Vargas
Arbitrarily detained: October 26, 2016
Released: May 2017
Place of confinement: Police Station of Poliaragua
Occupation: Student

Geralexys was arbitrarily detained on October 26, 2016 after he participated in the Toma de Venezuela, a demonstration that took place throughout the country. Geralexys and other young students were arrested by police officers once the demonstration was over and transferred to the Poliaragua Command in San Jacinto.

The thirteen young people arrested after exercising the right to peaceful demonstration, were charged for the crimes of public instigation, agavillamiento and outrage. His case was handled by the Fifth Court of Control of the state of Aragua and he suffered procedural delay. Until his release, Geralexys only had a preliminary hearing.

The mothers of the young people arrested on October 26, 2016 repeatedly requested the release of their children, who were unjustly detained, without proof.

Geralexys and the other 12 students detained in the Poliaragua police station were released progressively in May 2017. The information was made public by the spokesperson of Foro Penal in Aragua, Dimas Rivas.

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