Political Prisioners

Jorman Ortiz

Name: Jorman Ortiz
Arbitrarily detained: May 23, 2018
Place of confinement: El Helicoide
Occupation: Resistance activist

On May 23, 2018, Jorman Ortiz was arrested by officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) without an arrest warrant, while he was heading to a rally in the Plaza Alfredo Sadel de La Mercedes. His captors deprived him of the right to communicate with his relatives and his trusted lawyer to inform about his situation. In the face of despair, her mother Jenni Ortiz publicly denounced the disappearance of her son to the media.

Soon after, it was known through the Criminal Forum that the young man was presented before the 30th Court of Control of Caracas. Without proof, he was charged together with the resistance activist Hebert Ramírez for the crimes of instigating hatred, possession of explosive devices and bundling.

In El Helicoide, Sebin officials gave Jorman a beating, violating all his rights. His relatives report that the officials tried to forces him to record a video accusing the opposition leaders of financing him to commit acts of terrorism, but he remained firm.

Jorman is a social communicator and is only 23 years old. His face is known in the Venezuelan opposition: shortly before his arrest, he broke into an act of the Frente Amplio to demand from the political leadership greater actions against the regime of Nicolás Maduro. Like many other young people, their only crime has been to fight for a free country.

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