Judge ratifies the deprivation of liberty against Rosa Virginia González despite her state of health

The voice of the repression prevailed in the preliminary hearing of Rosa Virginia González. Despite her delicate state of health, Judge Carla Sixtra ratified the deprivation of liberty and went to trial of the 24-year-old girl. With serious stomach problems, continues adding nights in the dungeons of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) of Aragua state.

The lawyer Dimas Rivas, spokesman of Foro Penal in the entity, reported that the Fifth Court of Criminal Control denied the precautionary measure and humanitarian measure requested by the defense. Rosa Virginia was kidnapped by Sebin officials in the Plaza Sucre de Cagua, on January 13, 2018. Since then, she is behind bars.

Deteriorating health

“Rosa Virginia will go on trial with deprivation of liberty in the Sebin, despite the fact that the forensic medical evaluation resulted in a bleeding stomach ulcer, blood evacuation (amoebiasis) and severe anemia,” Dimas Rivas reported. The delicate health picture of the leader of the party Un Nuevo Tiempo deserves medical treatment urgently.

An order of the dictatorship keeps the 24-year-old girl away from her family and without freedom. The regime accuses her, without evidence, of illicit bearing of a weapon of war and possession of ammunition. She is a single mother and a political activist. Her only crime has been demanding freedom for Venezuela.