Lorent Saleh

Name: Lorent Saleh

Arbitrarily detained: September 4, 2014

Place of confinement: The Helicoid

Occupation: Student

Lorent Saleh chairs the NGO Operation Libertad. He has organized strikes demanding the release of political prisoners and the exit of the dictatorship in Venezuela since 2007, year in which he became known for his activism in the country.

On September 4, 2014, while he was in Colombia, Lorent was deported by the authorities of that country to Venezuela, an arbitrary act that violated international agreements. The Public Ministry was looking for him in the country for allegedly violating the presentation regime imposed by a court in Carabobo, due to the protests he made in 2010.

Once deported, he was also charged for the crimes of false issuance of false certificates and forgery of documents.

He was held for 26 months in La Tumba, a prison with cells measuring 2×3 meters, rationed sunlight and air conditioning in minimum temperature. He is currently in El Helicoide.

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