Political Prisioners

Luis Alberto Navas

Name: Luis Alberto Navas

Arbitrarily detained: February 23, 2018

Place of confinement: El Helicoide

Occupation: Voluntad Popular Militant

Luis Alberto was intercepted by officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) on February 23, 2018. That same day, the then director of Sebin, Gustavo González López, accused the political activist of being part of an alleged plan of kidnapping against the former president of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Nelson Merentes.

“The kidnapping would take place on April 22 (election day). We are seeing how these groups are using crimes under the Organic Criminal Code and the Law against Organized Crime and Financing of Terrorism to finance the destabilization”, said the director of Sebin.

González López assured that the plan would be coordinated by Voluntad Popular leader Freddy Guevara, and described the political party as a terrorist organization. A court charged Luis Alberto with the crimes of aggravated terrorism and association to commit a crime.

Currently, Luis Alberto remains locked in the dungeons of El Sebin in El Helicoide. He’s innocent.

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