Madison Avilés

Name: Madison Avilés
Arbitrarily detained: June 12, 2017
Released: March 15, 2018
Place of confinement: El Rodeo III

Madison Áviles was one of 18 people arrested for alleged responsibility in the damage caused to the headquarters of the Executive Directorate of the Magistracy (DEM) on June 12, 2017, during a protest in the municipality of Chacao, Miranda state.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office charged him with the crimes of violent damage to property, intentional homicide in degree of frustration, possession of incendiary substances, public incitement, confinement and arson.

He was held in El Rodeo III prison for nine months. His relatives and lawyers reported that he suffered from mental problems. His hearing was deferred several times due to his state of health.

He was released on March 15, 2018.

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