Marcelo Crovato

Name: Marcelo Crovato
Arbitrarily detained: April 22, 2014
Released: March 18, 2018
Place of confinement: Domiciliary Arrest
Occupation: Foro Penal Attorney

Marcelo Crovato’s ordeal began on April 22, 2014, with a raid by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin). He was arrested arbitrarily, in retaliation for having offered legal advice to young protesters who wanted to avoid being caught by the Nicolás Maduro regime.

The lawyer of Foro Penal Venezolano was held for 10 months in the common prison of Yare before returning home, with the measure of house arrest. In four years, his case never went beyond the preliminary hearing.

Despite receiving the humanitarian measure of house for jail, the Venezuelan authorities denied Marcelo the medical attention he needed to treat his skin cancer. He came to weigh 30 kilos. “I’m going to die as a prisoner”, he thought.

With the help of the United Nations High Commissioner, Marcelo escaped his house arrest on March 18, 2018. He managed to arrive by land to Colombian territory and from there, he continued the trip to his native Argentina.

He should never have been imprisoned.