María Pérez

Name: María de los Santos Pérez
Arbitrarily detained: June 21, 2016
Place of confinement: El Helicoide
Released: December 24, 2017
Occupation: Police of Chacao Municipality

María Pérez was detained since June 21, 2016 in El Helicoide. She is Polichacao and was imprisoned because she was linked to the murder of a journalist who belonged to the government party. Like her, 13 Polichacao were imprisoned for the same case.

In the presentation hearing, the court accused Venus Medina, Fred Mavarez, Cesar Mijares, María Pérez, Ángel Sánchez, Reggie Andrade, Alfredo Chirinos, Jorge Delgado, Miguel Mora, Edgar González, Eduardo Salazar, Jhonny Velásquez, Darwin Herde and Eber Meneses for his alleged participation as facilitators in the crime of homicide with malice.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office informed the court that it did not have sufficient evidence to accuse the Polichacao of the crimes for which they were being charged and requested that the custodial measure be replaced by a precautionary measure of presentation.

On August 8, 2016, the Control Court 7 of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas ordered the release of all Polichacao, on the grounds that there was no evidence to keep them in custody. The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service refused to comply with the ex-jail order issued by the court. On January 3, 2017, the Control Court 7 ratified the release order.

On December 24, 2017, a measure taken by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) granted freedom to Maria and another group of political prisoners. She should never have been imprisioned.



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