Raúl Emilio Baduel

Name: Raúl Emilio Baduel
Arbitrarily detained: March 21, 2014
Released: June 4, 2018
Place of confinement: Penintenciaría Cerra
Occupation: Student leader

He was arbitrarily detained on March 21, 2014 in the city of Maracay, while participating in a human chain as a form of peaceful protest. On that same day, the student leader Alexander Tirado was also arbitrarily arrested.

During his detention, Raúl was held in several prison camps. While he remained in the prison of Uribana in Lara state, he was tortured and subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, for which his lawyers requested the transfer to another penitentiary and on November 29, 2014 he was transferred to the jail of Tocuyito, Carabobo state. Later, he was transferred to the penitentiary 26 de Julio in Guárico State and finally, he spent his last days of imprisonment in the Cerra Penitentiary in the state of Aragua.

On March 5, 2015, the Second Judge of Aragua, Iris Araujo Francés, sentenced Raúl to 8 years in prison for the crimes of public gathering and intimidation with explosive devices and instigation to commit a crime.

However, on June 3, 2018 a measure of the National Constituent Assembly agreed to release him, with restrictive measures. Although like other political prisoners, Raúl appeared before the Truth Commission prior to his departure, he was not released until June 4.

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