Reynaldo Rodríguez

Name: Reynaldo Rodríguez Fernández

Arbitrarily detained: January 24, 2018

Place of confinement: El Helicoide

Occupation: Songwriter

Shortly after the Junquito Massacre, a group of people accompanied the burial of the victims in the Eastern Cemetery, in Caracas. That January 20, Reynaldo Rodríguez gave some words that currently keep him behind bars. He called the Venezuelan regime corrupt and asked those present not to surrender. “Venezuela is ours and of our children, we will not let it them take our country away of us”.

The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) punished him for hs words. He was kidnapped by unidentified officials on January 24, while he was in the vicinity of a bakery in the Sucre municipality. Since then, he remains in the dungeons of El Helicoide.

Prosecutor’s Office 34 of the metropolitan area of Caracas accuses him of instigating hatred, disturbing public order and conspiracy to commit a crime. Despite the fact that on January 26 he was granted a precautionary measure, he continues arbitrarily behind bars, with an increasingly deteriorated state of health.

Reynaldo Rodríguez is a singer-songwriter and father of five children, four of them minors. Today he pays an unjust punishment for exercising his right to freedom of speech.

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