Venezuelan dictatorship imputes seven crimes to parliamentarian Juan Requesens

“Fighting for Venezuela is not a crime!” With these words, the deputy Juan Requesens faced the deprivation of liberty against him. Without evidence, the Venezuelan dictatorship charged him in the early hours of August 15 with the crimes of continued public incitement, treason, intentional homicide in degree of frustration in the person of the President of the Republic, intentional homicide degree of frustration against seven members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, terrorism, association to commit a crime and possession of arms and ammunition.

Tarek William Saab, attorney general appointed by the Constituent, confirmed the alleged crimes. Between the accusations of the regime against Requesens they emphasize the one of intentional homicide described in degree of frustration against Nicolás Maduro and seven military men.

New wave of persecution

The alleged attack against Nicolás Maduro unleashed a new wave of persecution. So far, 14 people have been arrested for the fact. In addition, media reported that the courts have issued 27 international arrest warrants.
Juan Requesens was the victim of forced disappearance, isolation and torture. Two videos disseminated by the Venezuelan regime and through social networks showed the cruel and degrading treatment to which the parliamentarian is being subjected.

Even so, his words before a tribunal of the dictatorship were firm. “I don’t have to lower my head to anyone, because I didn’t do anything wrong, if I have to change my freedom and my life for the freedom of Venezuela, I am willing.”