From Memory Draw a Map of Venezuela

Contemporary artists bet on Freedom

• A Benefit Auction in favor of the Venezuelan initiative Acción por la Libertad will be held in Miami, Florida. It is the second time that this exhibition takes place and it opens on September 30 and closes October 21, 2016.

• De Memoria, dibuja un mapa de Venezuela (Draw from Memory a map of Venezuela) includes works of art from over 50 contemporary artists from Latin America, and the auction will be hosted online by

Starting on Friday, September 30, the public will be able to appreciate the artistic proposals of over 50 contemporary artists from Latin America. The exhibition will show works of art specially made for the event De Memoria, dibuja un mapa de Venezuela. The event will be opened to the public until October 21, 2016. Fundraising proceeds will benefit the group Acción por la Libertad.

The idea is to take a variety of maps based on the artists’ shared experiences and memories, and make a public manifesto of contemporary art so that people ponder about the political, economic and social crisis that the South American country is currently going through.

Acción por la Libertad is a citizen-led initiative that, through cultural and educative activities, promotes Human Rights and personal freedoms, particularly Freedom of Speech, in order to strengthen Venezuela’s Democracy. This second Auction, hosted by the premier digital market place,, will include works of art from artists such as: Alexander Apostol, Horacio Zabala, Patricia Van Dalen, Fernando Bryce, Ángela Bonadies, Suwon Lee, Luis Molina Pantin, Érika Ordosgoitti, Max Provenzano and MuuBlanco, among others.

Diana López, artist and activist of Acción por la Libertad, expressed that the exhibition brings together a group of artists committed with the defense of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech in Venezuela. “During the exhibition, the public will be able to appreciate different representations of the map of Venezuela, which is often blurred by the abuses that citizens undergo on a daily basis and that have led to a humanitarian crisis. Every day, more and more people join forces to rescue the fundamental rights and liberties in our country”.

The exhibition will be held at 2751 North Miami Ave. Suite #1. Miami, FL 33127. Hours: Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm. Phone: (786) 614.5027.

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