Announcement: Acción por la Libertad about Amnesty Law

Acción por la Libertad joins the voices that have rejected the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) declaring the National Amnesty and Reconciliation Law unconstitutional.

The National Amnesty and Reconciliation Law approved by the National Assembly on March 29, 2016 vindicates the rights of people who have been unjustly detained and persecuted through the release of the more than 100 political prisoners in Venezuela as well as it would allow the return of exiles who for political reasons had to leave the country.

By declaring the Amnesty and National Reconciliation Law unconstitutional, the SCJ magistrates are endorsing the persecution, repression, torture and arbitrary detention practices that government officials have been implementing over the past 17 years. The magistrates who signed this decision have become necessary accomplices to the human rights violations of political prisoners.

Acción por la Libertad will continue fighting for the freedom of political prisoners, the cessation of human rights violations and demanding justice, since crimes against human rights don’t prescribe.

Acción por la Libertad is a movement of citizens committed to freedom and democracy, whose purpose is to promote human rights, document and denounce violations against fundamental freedoms: freedom of expression, personal freedom, freedom of opinion and freedom of association.

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