Antonio Garbi

Name: Antonio José Garbi

Arbitrarily detained: June 4, 2014

Place of confinement: Penal de Tocuyito

Occupation: Student

Antonio Garbi worked and studied Marketing at the José Antonio Páez University when he was arrested at his home by a group of 30 officials from the Scientific and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc), while he was at rest due to an accident at work. The Third Control Court of the state of Carabobo accused him of being the alleged material perpetrator of the murder of National Guard Captain Ramzor Bracho, which occurred on March 12, 2014 during a protest in the Naguanagua sector of Valencia.

The official died after being hit by a projectile in a demonstration. However, lawyers of the Foro Penal denounce that the process against Garbi has been full of inconsistencies, since no elements of conviction have ever been presented, such as the firearm.

Garbi was held in the Tocuyito common prison along with other political prisoners, including Raúl Baduel and Alexander Tirado. Eliécer Jiménez, his defense lawyer, denounced in January 2017 that the young man was isolated and under conditions that put his physical and mental integrity at risk. “They don’t allow him to have breakfast and he’s exposed to the sun’s rays to punish him, which caused injuries to his skin,” Jiménez said.

On February 14, 2018, criminals of the prison took Garbi as a hostage along with three other political prisoners during a riot to demand a transfer. During the capture, the political prisioners were tied up and threatened them with pikes and grenades.

Antonio Garbi, like all political prisoners, is innocent. If you want to support it, use the hashtag #AntonioEsInocente, #LiberenATODOSPososPolíticos.

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