Cuadernos Urgentes: Art behind bars is a compilation of works made by 10 Venezuelan political prisoners in their time in prison.


Through the HT #ArteTrasLasRejas We promote the strokes made by the political prisoners authors of this delivery Sergio Contreras, Gabriel Valles, Laided Salazar, Alexander Tirado, Daniel Ceballos, Lisbeth Áñez, Betty Grossi, Leopoldo López, Gilberto Sojo and José Gregorio Delgado, </ strong> who through a pencil and a brush, these political prisoners adapt to the unjust conditions to which they were subjected while they were in prison.

Most of these prisoners of conscience have no artistic abilities. The circumstances of a rapturous freedom made them look for art in a way of abstracting themselves, seeking in their memories a way to accompany the endless hours of confinement and raise their protest voice.

In this link you can download the free ebook.

The edition was in charge of the visual artist and activist Diana López </ strong> who during 4 years compiled these drawings and paintings in the Venezuelan prisons. The chronicles were elaborated by the journalist, Carlos Javier Arencibia </ strong>, who met with former political prisoners and relatives of those who are still behind bars.

The publication is presented bilingual Spanish / English, so as to ensure that a broad audience knows the experiences of these brave men and women who face the oppressive regime with their ideas and convictions. The translation into English has been made by the poet Adalber Salas Hernández </ strong>, who with great care sought to maintain the original voice of each one.

On September 26 was made the official presentation in the city of Caracas of the book “Art behind the bars” that brought together some of the former political prisoners who participated in the book . The meeting was attended by various Venezuelan authorities, activists, lawyers and former political prisoners. Below you can see part of the speeches of that day: