Braulio Jatar

Name: Braulio Jatar
Arbitrarily detained: September 03, 2016
Place of confinement: House arrest
Occupation: Journalist and lawyer

Braulio Jatar, director of the digital media Confidential Report, was arbitrarily detained on September 3, 2016 in Nueva Esparta State for publishing images, videos and recordings of a protest with pots in the Villa Rosa sector of Nueva Esparta state against Nicolás Maduro.

The director of the portal was arbitrarily detained when he was on his way to his radio program on the station Exitos 94.9 FM, where he would offer more details about the protest that took place in Villa Rosa. After his arrest, he was disappeared until the Sebin confirmed his detention. He was charged for the crime of legitimating capital.

Three months after his arrest, and due to the mistreatment and the precarious conditions of his arbitrary detention, since he was in a cell that had no ventilation and where the temperature reached 40 degrees, almost isolated, without a fan, radio, television, or books or paper to write, Braulio Jatar had lost more than 20 kilos and was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer). Upon hearing the news that he suffered from skin cancer, Jatar said: “If we are dragged to death we’ll have the glory of die fighting for our values and principles.”

In February 2017, two hernias were also detected as a result of the effort he made to carry water while in prison. He suffers from severe hypertension and serious heart problems. Since his confinement in Porlamar, he has been able to write several texts telling his experience.

His lawyers have refused to go to hearings, because of the government’s unwillingness to call witnesses to the case. In May of 2017, a demonstration in support of Braulio consigned a video of Freddy Hernández to the Prosecutor’s Office, the alleged witness who, according to the file, had declared that the journalist was carrying $ 25,000 in a suitcase on the day of his arrest. In the video, Hernandez said he had never testified against Jatar and that he had been away from the island for 25 years.

The Venezuelan-Chilean journalist has received great support from the Chilean government who has advocated in several instances for his release. Before receiving a house arrest measure, on May 24, 2017, Jatar was in four different prisons and in different states.

Braulio, like all political prisoners, is innocent.

If you want to support Braulio use the hashtag #BraulioEsInocente # LiberenATODOSPososPolíticos

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