Chamel Akl

Name: Chamel Akl

Arbitrarily detained: April 4, 2014

Place of confinement: House arrest

Occupation: Merchant

Chamel is a Venezuelan-Canadian, creator of a company personal protection, search and rescue and also had his free time in animal protectionist work. He was arrested along with his brother Richard on April 4, 2014, participating in a demonstration.

They were transferred to the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) of Catia. The former Minister of Interior and Justice, Miguel Rodríguez Torres, accused both brothers on national television of setting fire to a road module in Santa Fe and of assassinating a police official.

Although 45 days later Richard was released, Chamel Akl Khoury was charged with terrorism, conspiracy, trafficking, manufacture and distribution of weapons. He remained detained for 3 months in the headquarters of the PNB of Catia, 5 months in the prison of Uribana in Barquisimeto, 11 months in El Rodeo II and 20 days in El Rodeo III until finally, in October 2015, a precautionary measure was granted house arrest for health reasons.

Chamel, like all political prisoners, is innocent. #LiberenAChamel # LiberenATODOSPososPolíticos

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