Deibis Mota

Name: Deibis Mota

Arbitrarily detained: March 2, 2018

Place of confinement: Ramo Verde

Occupation: Commander of the National Guard

Deibis Mota held the position of the 413 GB Pedro León Torres Armored Battalion in Carabobo when he was arbitrarily detained by officials of the Military Counterintelligence General Division (Dgcim).
He’s accused along with eight other officers of forming an alleged group called Movimiento de Transición a la Dignidd del Pueblo. Gonzalo Himiob, director of Foro Penal, said about this case: “They’re persecuted for demonstrating a critical position about the regime, which is unconstitutional and illegal.”
Deibis was placed under the control of the Third Court of Control with military competence. The charges against him are treason against the homeland, incitement to rebellion and against military decorum. On March 10, 2018, he was deprived of freedom, after more than a week detained and isolated without being presented before the courts.
He’s imprisioned in Ramo Verde. Between January and February of 2018, 82 soldiers have been arrested, all under the presumed crime of treason.
#LibertadParaDeibis #LibertadParaTODOSLosPresosPolíticos

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