Diannet Blanco

Name: Diannet Blanco
Arbitrarily detained: May 22, 2017
Released: June 1, 2018
Place of confinement: El Helicoide
Occupation: Teacher

Diannet Blanco was behind bars since May 22, 2017, at the prison of El Helicoide.

The vice president of the Republic, through a press conference, accused Diannet and a group of people of participating in a terrorist network to destabilize the government, since they supported the peaceful protests and demonstrations that were taking place in the country.

Until March 2018, Diannet was still waiting for his first hearing. Her case was taken illegally by the Third Military Control Court, despite being a civilian.

On June 1, 2018, a measure of the National Constituent Assembly granted the measure of release. Before leaving prison, she was forced to appear before the Truth Commission of that body.

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