Edgar Bolívar

Name: Edgar Bolívar

Arbitrarily detained: June 17, 2015

Place of confinement: House arrest

Occupation: General Division of the GNB (R)

Edgar Bolívar had a successful career within the Venezuelan National Guard until he decided to go out to protest against the Venezuelan regime along with other officers, in the protests that broke out in the Plaza Altamira in Caracas in 2002. At that time, he was the chief of operations of the GN.

His critical position put him in the sights of the authorities. On June 17, 2015, Edgar was arbitrarily detained and taken to the headquarters of the Corps of Scientific and Criminal Investigation (CICPC) of Cagua, in the state of Aragua. They accused him, without evidence, of civil rebellion and instigation to commit a crime.

In his days of seclusion in Aragua, he lasted two weeks handcuffed to a chair. He was forced to sleep on the floor, on a mat that his family brought him. They only removed his handcuffs to go to the bathroom and he received verbal abuse from the officials in charge of their custody.

Their precarious prison conditions were maintained until October 30, 2015, when the 19 th Tribunal in control of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas ordered his transfer to trial and granted him house arrest. In December 2016, his family signed a joint letter on behalf of 92 political prisoners to Pope Francis, demanding his release.

Edgar, like all political prisoners, is innocent. #LiberenAEdgar #LiberenATODOSLosPresosPolíticos

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