Jimmy Torres

Name: Jimmy Torres

Arbitrarily detained: June 10, 2014

Place of confinement: Ramo Verde

Occupation: Retired sergeant and neighborhood leader

On June 10, 2014, Jimmy came to take pictures of a student protest in Barquisimeto, Lara state. He couldn’t capture the images. A man dressed in civilian clothes tried to take it off his camera and when he resisted, he was thrown in a car and transferred to the local brigade.

At 52 years old, a retired sergeant in 1998 who was now collaborating with human rights organizations was arbitrarily detained, without evidence or witnesses. A military court sentenced him to 5 years in prison for security zone violation, outrage to the sentry, insult, offense and contempt to the Armed Forces (FAN). This last crime was imputed to him by presumed posters with slogans against the FAN that he had in his car. His family assures that it were sown.
Linda de Torres, his wife, states that Jimmy suffered threats and verbal abuse. Judge José Coromoto threatened him to plead guilty in exchange for a 15 to 5-year prison sentence. “My dad accepted facts he didn’t commit for fear of something happening to his family. He did it for us”, says his son.
Jimmy suffers a motor deficience that prevents him from walking normally. He has broken ligaments in the knees, caused by going up and down the stairs constantly in his place of imprisonment. His family, who live in Barquisimeto, can hardly visit him once or twice a month, so he has suffered depression.

“I think they was taken as a warning to the retired military. As if saying ‘even if you have been a military man, this can happen to you if you are not agree with us”. Today, he continues unjustly imprisoned in Ramo Verde.

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