José Gámez

Name: José Gámez

Arbitrarily detained: January 20, 2015

Place of confinement: Cárcel 26 de Julio

Occupation: Colonel of the National Guard

José Gámez was linked to an alleged conspiracy to overthrow Nicolás Maduro and was arrested by officials of the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim) on January 20, 2015.

The colonel had been initially imprisoned in 2012, for allegedly being involved in a magnicide plan against the President Hugo Chávez. However, at that time he received a precautionary measure for health reasons.

At the time, Maduro ordered that he “rot in jail” in a televised address.

Gámez has suffered two cerebrovascular attacks (CVA) since he is behind bars, presenting thrombosis and partial paralysis of his body. Initially, he was detained in Ramo Verde, where he was physically and verbally assaulted. Upon arrival at the detention center they did not give him the cane he used to move and he also had to slept on the floor.

Currently, he’s in 26 de Julio prison, in the state of Guarico. His wife, cosmetologist Carmen Alicia Gutiérrez, is also detained for political reasons in El Helicoide. Both are innocent.

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