#LiberenALosProfesores is a campaign that demanded the release of Venezuelan professors arbitrarily detained by the dictatorship in Venezuela. Prisoners for thinking differently, imprisoned for committing the only crime of teaching to think about Freedom.

Report: Violation of freedom of thought in Venezuela


The exchange of ideas, freedom of thought, production of knowledge and research, are not well seen in dictatorial and authoritarian regimes such as Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. The leadership of university professors and the invitation to question and debate the current situation are rejected by those who do not believe in democracy or freedom of thought. Arbitrary arrests of university professors in Venezuela, which have occurred in recent months, violate the right to personal freedom, freedom of expression and thought, among other human rights.

Likewise, the repression and violence against public and private universities, against the student movement and the breakdown of university autonomy in several universities in the country, is another example of the contempt of the regime towards the academy.

It should be noted that the use of military justice in the case of some professors arbitrarily detained and who are at liberty with precautionary measures, violates the human right to be tried by their natural judges, among other guarantees of due process. It is sufficiently debated that in no case can civilians be tried by military courts. Situation that, in addition to being contrary to the principle of natural judge and progressivity of human rights, undermines the due process of these university professors.

On the other hand, we warn that, as a result of the precarious conditions of imprisonment, mistreatment and tortures received, as well as being judged without committing any crime, has broken the health of these university professors, who in many cases has deteriorated precipitously , since they do not receive specialized and adequate medical attention, violating the right to health.

As of the date of preparation of this report, Santiago Guevara, Yoel Bellorín, Jorge Machado, Carlos Requena, Julio García, Rosmary Di Pietro and Rolman Rojas are the professors arbitrarily detained while innocent. In addition, the cases of teachers such as Angel Zerpa, Rafael Cuevas, Edilson Bohórquez and Sergio Contreras, who were released with precautionary measures, are known.

From Action for Freedom, we make known the case of each of these teachers and request their full freedom, because being a university professor, generate academic debate on the political, social and economic crisis that crosses the country, does not make them criminals or much less in traitor to the fatherland. #LiberenALosProfesores #LiberenALosPresosPoliticos #LibertadYA