Regime of Nicolás Maduro lashes out against Juan Requesens: enforced disappearance, isolation and torture

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, a new escalation of repression put Juan Requesens, representative of the Primero Justicia party before the National Assembly, behind bars. Fourteen officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) ambushed him along with his sister, Rafaela, at the entrance of his home in the Terrazas del Club Hípico urbanization, Caracas.

In a security video, it is evident how the youths were physically assaulted by the officials and later kidnapped, without a prior search warrant. Although in the following hours Rafaela Requesens was released, Juan was detained in the dungeons of the Sebin headquarters in El Helicoide. The Venezuelan regime accuses him of being implicated in the alleged attack against Nicolás Maduro, during an act with the National Guard.

On August 9, officials of the state agency raided the house of the deputy. From their political organization, they denounced that it was an attempt by the Venezuelan regime to sow false evidence to inculcate it. The next day, he was taken to court, without allowing him to have contact with his lawyers.

One more victim of degrading treatment

The accusations and the kidnapping against Juan Requesens were not only in the persecution and the flagrant violation of his parliamentary immunity. On August 10, Jorge Rodríguez showed a video of the deputy where he claimed that he had collaborated with the entry of the authors of the supposed attack against Nicolás Maduro.

In the video, the young parliamentarian linked Julio Borges in the alleged plan. NGO representatives rejected the material as evidence, since Juan recorded the video under threats by Sebin officials.

That same day, another video showed the deputy in his underwear and stained with excrement in one of the bathrooms of the Sebin, demonstrating the cruel and inhumane treatment to which he is being subjected. A civic march held on August 10 repudiated the accusations against the PJ leaders and demanded not only the release of Requesens, but that of all political hostages who remain behind bars today.


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